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May 26, 2010


DSOperators 0.2 RELEASED!

Download At:

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  1. May 27 2010

    How do you make a nds homebrew game. Software please

  2. WolfSpider
    Jun 7 2010

    Go to to find out on how to program for the NDS.

  3. Suu
    Oct 15 2010

    It sounds promising! Could it someday play flash games like cellphones? It will be nice.
    Since I do not understand about programming a thing, Im probably just flying too far from reality… C:

  4. WolfSpider
    Oct 15 2010

    Probably not, the DS is just way too slow. The DS even has trouble loading web pages let alone a whole video. Also, I don’t even know how to program Flash so I couldn’t make it in DSOps.

  5. Suu
    Oct 20 2010

    Oh, thats sad. But thank you anyway.

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